schedule Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022
Steam Deck Shipping in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan begins Dec 17
Plus: Docking Station Reservations Now Open In These Regions

Valve and KOMODO, the licensed provider of Steam Deck in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, today announced the first units of Valve’s Steam Deck will begin shipping in these regions on December 17th. In addition, reservations for the Steam Deck Docking Station are now open to customers in these regions through KOMODO’s Steam Deck site.

Starting December 1st, customers who have reserved their Steam Deck as of this writing will begin receiving requests to finalize their order. Once confirmed, their order will be scheduled for shipping. The first units begin shipping on December 17th, with delivery times expected to vary from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Reservations for the Docking Station, which secures and extends the places and ways the Steam Deck can be used, may now be placed via KOMODO’s site. While supplies last, Docks will be delivered together with previously ordered Steam Decks in each of the four territories.

As with the Steam Deck, pricing for the Docking Station includes taxes and - for a limited time - free shipping for orders placed prior to December 17th. Docking Station pricing in these regions is:

  • Japan: 14,800 JPY
  • Hong Kong: 828 HKD
  • South Korea: 149,000 KRW
  • Taiwan: 3,280 TWD

Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming PC that runs thousands of games, including many AAA franchises popular around the world. It is designed for ease of use, ergonomics, and comfort, and is customizable to fit each gamer's play style.

KOMODO is Valve’s official distribution partner for Steam Deck in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, and is currently accepting reservations for the powerful handheld device as well as the Docking Station in these regions.

Pricing for the Steam Deck in these regions starts at:

  • Japan: 59,800 JPY
  • Hong Kong: 3,288 HKD
  • South Korea: 589,000 KRW
  • Taiwan: 13,380 TWD

Note: Depending on supply and demand, new Steam Deck and Docking Station orders placed in the coming weeks and months may experience lengthened delivery estimates and/or those orders may revert back to a reservation system, similar to what Valve has done in other regions. In the case of reverting to a reservation system, customers will have their place in line saved, and receive an email when their order is ready.

To order a Steam Deck and/or reserve a Docking Station for delivery in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan, please visit