schedule Friday, Jan 27, 2023
Immediate Availability In All Four Markets

January 27, 2023 — KOMODO’s Steam Deck site ( now offers immediate availability of the Steam Deck to customers in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, removing reservation waiting times for order shipments, with just one exception.

In December, Valve and KOMODO delivered the first units in these countries to customers who reserved a Steam Deck (available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB models). The companies also began delivering the optional Docking Station.

Based upon the success of both products in all four regions, the reservation system remained in place for all three models of the Steam Deck as well as the Docking Station as the companies worked to meet high demand.

Beginning today, customers are being offered immediate availability for all three Steam Deck models in all four regions with one exception - reservations are still employed for the 64GB Steam Deck model in Japan, where it is backordered at this time.

Meanwhile, the Docking Station is immediately available in Hong Kong and South Korea, but remains backordered and in reservation mode in Japan and Taiwan.

Orders for “in stock” items will ship to customers within two weeks of purchase. Reservations for “out of stock” items will continue to be fulfilled as quickly as possible, with purchase request emails sent as soon as stock is available and in the order in which reservations were made.

Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming PC that runs thousands of games, including many AAA franchises popular around the world. It is designed for ease of use, ergonomics, and comfort, and is customizable to fit each gamer's play style.

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