schedule Friday, Mar 17, 2023
Surprise! Steam Deck Discount Sale is on now!

In celebration of Steam Deck’s first birthday, Valve and KOMODO are offering 10% off for the Steam Deck from now until March 24th at 2am (JST) in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

While supplies last, the Steam Deck savings are available at the KOMODO Steam Deck Store and via retail at PREDATOR Proshops and Acer Store retail locations in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

More details:

Steam Deck is 10% off from now until March 24th at 2am (JST):

  • 64GB is now: JPY 53,820 / KRW 530,100 / HKD 2,959 / TWD 12,042
  • 256GB is now: JPY 71,820 / KRW 710,100 / HKD 3,949 / TWD 15,912
  • 512GB is now: JPY 89,820 / KRW 890,100 / HKD 4,939 / TWD 19,782

AND! The Steam Spring Sale begins today, with deals on thousands of games across all genres from now until March 24th at 2am (JST). Launched with the sale is a new page on Steam ( that showcases the year’s 100 most-played games on Steam Deck, topping the almost 8,000 games marked “Verified” and “Playable” for Steam Deck.

KOMODO Steam Deck Store:

Steam Deck is an all-in-one powerful handheld gaming PC built to run thousands of games of all kinds, including many AAA franchises popular around the world. It is designed for ease of use, ergonomics, and comfort, and is customizable to fit each gamer's play style.

KOMODO is an international game publisher and developer, and Valve’s official distribution partner for Steam Deck in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, and offers the powerful handheld device as well as the Docking Station in these regions.

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