schedule Monday, May 20, 2024
One-inch Tactics Deploys on Steam

May 19th 2024 - KOMODO announces the immediate release of One-inch Tactics, a new Mech tactics game from KOGADO STUDIO, available now on Steam with a 20% launch discount as well as in a bundle that includes the soundtrack.

One-inch Tactics brings the massive battles of military mecha fiction to your fingertips. Presented in the trappings of a hex based miniatures war game, One-inch Tactics focuses on simple turn-based strategy mechanics combined with diverse objectives to create a game that is simple to learn but will put the players’ brains to the test.

The title features 20 diverse missions set in a campaign mode, gaining new pilots and mech parts as the player progresses through the game. Properly utilizing this new equipment and personnel will be key to overcoming the different objectives and terrain the player will face. Should this mech equip a long-range missile pod to strike enemies from a distance, or would it be better to equip a short-range machine gun to get up close and personal?

Another wrinkle in the players’ tactics is the games focus on the fog of war. Hiding your forces and finding your opponents will lead players to victory. Utilize the terrain to camouflage forces and scout ahead, or bring smoke and probe grenades to make sure you learn more about the enemy than they do about you.

Any mission, once completed, can be replayed independently, enabling players to revisit their favorite scenarios with new strategies.

One-inch Tactics is out today on Steam.

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