schedule Monday, May 29, 2023
Steam Deck in South Korea
Available at Electromart stores on June 1st

TOKYO, JAPAN - May 29, 2023 - SHINSEGAE I&C, the leading retail tech company of SHINSEGAE, the largest retail group in South Korea, and KOMODO, the official distributor of Valve’s Steam Deck and Docking Station in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, today announce the availability of both Steam Deck and Docking Station at all Electromart stores nationwide in South Korea starting Thursday, June 1.

Today’s news comes after KOMODO announced the launch of Steam Deck with Acer Gaming in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and at EDION Namba Main Store and PC Koubou Akihabara Iiyama Store in Japan.

Ricky Uy, CEO of KOMODO, said:
“We continue working towards our goal of bringing Steam Deck to as many customers as possible, and we are very pleased to be working with SHINSEGAE I&C to launch retail sales in South Korea. We also plan to offer more Steam Deck trial opportunities in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.”

Joon Jung, Vice president of SHINSEGAE I&C, said:
“Based on our solid distribution channels and know-how, SHINSEGAE I&C is continuously expanding its business portfolio in the gaming sector, from gaming device distribution to game IP and publishing. We look forward to working with KOMODO to introduce Steam Deck to a wider range of Korean gamers through SHINSEGAE I&C’s various retail stores.”

  • Please contact a store for more information on hours of operation and product availability.

Purchase of Steam Deck and Docking Station in these regions will continue to be available from KOMODO's Steam Deck site. (

KOMODO is planning more promotions and events to make PC gaming more accessible to as many people as possible. Please stay tuned for more news for coming events.

Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming PC that runs thousands of games already known and loved by gamers worldwide, including many AAA franchises popular around the world. It has been designed for ease of use, ergonomics, and comfort, and is customizable to fit each gamer's play style.

About KOMODO: KOMODO is an international game publisher and developer, and Valve’s official distribution partner for Steam Deck in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, and offers the powerful handheld device as well as the Docking Station in these regions.

About SHINSEGAE I&C: Shinsegae I&C is a leading global retail tech company, and the largest distributor of PC, console, and VR devices in South Korea.